New SKF bearings reduce grease consumption in grinding rolls

One way to save money and keep production costs at a minimum is to keep valves and actuation equipment working at their peak performance levels.

 New large sealed SKF bearings reduce grease consumption in the bearing by up to 99 percent, compared to standard bearings, in high-pressure grinding rolls.

SKF has expanded its line of large bearings for roller presses with a sealed version that increases bearing life.

Explorer’s 1250mm bore spherical roller bearings (SBRs) are now available in the 2410 series. This series and sizes fit many high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) applications in the cement and mining industries. Sealed bearings are valuable assets for any machine. With sealed bearings you can expect greater machine availability and reliability, which in turn means higher uptime.

This new version of the bearing – which is sealed on both sides – has been shown in tests to last up to twice as long as the original, while cutting grease consumption by up to 99 percent.

SKF sealed Explorer spherical roller bearings require significantly less grease than standard bearings. Because of that, they are not only more cost effective—they also have a less negative environmental impact. The sealed SRB can be remanufactured twice, thereby extending its service life. This leads to greater productivity and availability of the machine and lowers the total cost of ownership.

The new bearing is redesigned to bear greater loads. For bearings with diameters less than 1000 mm, the seal is a HNBR bearing that uses a snap ring. Larger bearings use a G-ECOPUR  seal with bolted outer ring.

SKF bearings can be used either as a standalone solution or part of a three-barrier protection system. The typical end-use application for this product is the mining and mineral processing industries. Roller press bearings are often damaged by lubrication contamination because of their ineffective seals. Sealed bearings resolve this problem – plus they deliver several key benefits:

 Firstly, bearing failure can come with a variety of consequences — more frequent maintenance interventions, for example— that can result in accidents or injuries and expensive shutdowns.

The new design allows the bearings to be serviced without stopping production. Rather than waiting for the bearings to fail due to wear, the service interval is based on when the roller press starts to wear down.

We can offer you fast deliveries on all bearings – even the largest sizes.

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