One way to save money and keep production costs at a minimum is to keep valves and actuation equipment working at their peak performance levels.

 As technology becomes more advanced, producing new devices and programs ensures the continual growth of our economy. Scientists, engineers, and mathematicians—are the creative minds behind today’s technological advancements, and it’s their skills that will help develop tomorrow’s innovations.

We need more scientists and engineers in this country. When we look back at our greatest achievements in the world, from landing on the moon to creating the internet, we can trace them all back to advances in science and technology. With more support for these fields and for young people who want to pursue STEM careers, we can continue to innovate and find solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges.

RPM is a versatile engineering company set to revolutionize the industrial space through our innovative solutions. This is why we partnered with Destination imagination whose mission is to Ignite the power of ALL youth to be the creative and collaborative innovators of tomorrow.

While people think of creativity as a static trait you either have or don’t have, creativity is more like a muscle that can be developed over time—and it’s one of the most important skills for success today.

we understand what it takes for an idea or concept to turn into a product that solves real-life problems. We are proud to support Destination Imagination Nigeria in its quest for nurturing innovation and creativity in the country’s young generation.

The partnership has enabled us to reach out to young minds in the community with an enthusiasm to learn and think critically while getting a chance to apply their skills in solving complex challenges.

Destination Imagination is a creative, team-focused, STEAM competition for K-12 and university students. RPM was invited to speak to the children about electric motors and bearings to spark their interest in engineering.

The social interaction and project-based learning that are missing from a typical classroom setting can be found in Destination Imagination, a creative, STEAM-focused organization for students. RPM’s support of this event was a great way to reach out to the local community and help future engineers learn more about industrial parts like bearings and electric motors! During this event, the children were asked to construct a working machine from random household items. RPM employees then presented three educational lessons to the children on how bearings, electric motors, and conveyor belts are used in our daily lives.

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