Nord AC PRO SK 500P – Innovative machine and application inverters

The NORDAC PRO SK 500P control cabinet inverters are available in four versions: as basic or machine inverters with a basic function and performance range, and as an advanced version, or as application inverters with extended interfaces and options.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P – Innovative machine and application inverters

Bargteheide , 2020-07-06

The new NORD inverter solution for control cabinet installations is available as a machine inverter (SK 500P) and as an application inverter (SK 530P and SK 550P). In contrast to the fully equipped application inverter, the machine inverter is an economically optimized device with a reduced number of interfaces that performs functionally demanding tasks such as integrated PLC, closed-loop control and positioning. The SK 530P also features an SD card slot, USB interface, encoder interface and the possibility of extension via an optional SK CU5 module.

Fully featured application inverter

Demanding customer applications, for example in an Ethernet network, put higher requirements on the frequency inverter. The SK 550P application inverter meets these requirements perfectly. A universal real-time Ethernet interface allows for hardware standardization, irrespective of the customer’s control system, the country or the end user. The application inverter already comes with an impressive number of I/O signals. If further interfaces are required, an optional multi-card with four more digital inputs or outputs can be added. In case an application requires the sequential execution of several axes, for example in automatic parking systems, storage magazines or turntables, a single application inverter can take over the sequential positioning of these axes.

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