VEGA extends its portfolio

With the launch of its new VEGABAR pressure sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches, VEGA becomes a full-range supplier for level and pressure sensors to the food and pharmaceutical industries. The compact instruments in this series are perfectly tailored to standard applications that nevertheless require high quality and strict hygiene.

Their universal adapter system and process fittings provide the flexibility needed to keep installation and parts inventory costs lower. An eye-catching, 360° switching status display ensures safety and process reliability. The colour of the illuminated ring can be freely selected from a pallet of 256 colours and it can be easily seen from any direction – even in bright daylight.

The universal, flexible hygienic adapter system of the new instrument series reduces both the work involved, and the spare parts inventory.

Another prominent feature of the instruments is their universal communication. The standard IO-Link protocol ensures intelligent data transfer and simple integration into the system.

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