7 Factors that Undermine Bearing Efficiency and Strategies for Improvement

Introduction: it is no longer news that bearings play a fundamental role in various industrial equipment and mechanical systems. Bearings reduce friction and facilitate the movement of rotating parts, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of machinery. However, certain factors can compromise bearing efficiency, leading to increased wear, reduced lifespan, and potential system failures. […]

Ensuring Longevity: A Guide to Preventing Electric Motor Failure

Ensuring Longevity: A Guide to Preventing Electric Motor Failure

Introduction: Electric motors are the workhorses behind numerous industrial processes and everyday appliances. Their reliable performance is crucial for the smooth operation of various systems. Production and manufacturing companies depend on electric motors for driving conveyors, compressors, agitators, fans and machine control. Research estimates that motors consume over 50% of all the electrical power used […]

10 Essential Safety Guidelines for Operating a Conveyor System

Introduction Conveyor systems are mechanical devices that transport materials from one point to another. These systems are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to move raw materials, finished products, and other items throughout the production process. Conveyor systems can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the facility. They may include belts, rollers, motors, […]


Pump Cavitation

Pumps are central to most industrial processes and the second most common machine in the world (after the electric motor). Because they are so common, pumps are often overlooked as a potential source of improved productivity or a cause of excess costs if not operated properly.

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